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Resignation Statements from members of the Stone County Republican Committee

============================================== At our Republican Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 17, the Committee Chair, Bill Smith read an email to everyone that he had received from Benny Speaks. In essence, it stated that any Republican who signed any petition for an Independent candidate could be removed from the Republican Committee. Later in the week Bill and […]

Water Words-Important Board meeting ALERT

Water Words: Americans already over-fluoridated Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Lovely County Citizen by Becky Gillette It is interesting to look for unintended consequences with government mandates, like the one in Arkansas that requires fluoridation of our water supplies. With Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stating an estimated 41 percent of children ages […]

What is Washington County Really Voting For on May 22?

Government, in the terms of our Founders, is a necessary evil. It is there to secure our rights and property while we are away earning a living. Our government is supposed to protect us from those who would do us harm, lie to us, steal or cheat us. But, when governments get an agenda, they […]