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ALERT! Water Additive Accountability Bill

Water operators, water districts, municipalities and other entities that hold the responsibility of stewardship of our precious public water resources, and continue their commitment to the highest quality water they can deliver, have asked that you help enact protective legislation. Arkansas rules and regulations already establish protective standards for the chemicals that are added to […]

NO Constitutional Convention

The Con in the Con-Con, by Nolen Cox Calling a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) is high-risk “busy work” to solve a big spending problem of both political parties. The unconstitutional spending by Congress is facilitated by the leadership of both parties. Massive deficit spending is a terminal problem with catastrophic […]

Keep Calling on SB1156!

SB1156 “To prevent a runaway convention”   Senator Rapert failed to run SB1156 on Tuesday, March 19, and it is on the agenda in the Senate Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs at 10 am tomorrow, Thursday, March 21.   This matter needs attention from the public.  This bill appears to be a prelude to a Con-Con bill […]


Attention:  HB1348 Allows Foreign Law to be used in Arkansas Courts and allows police power to enforce a foreign decree.   HB1348  does NOT prohibit “Sharia”-type law from overriding issues that may be presented in the future by modifying Arkansas Public Policy.   HB1348 is on the agenda of the House Judiciary Committee for Thursday, March 21, at […]

HB 2160 Must Be Tabled

House Bill 2160     ALL APRI (American Pet Registry, Inc.) and other registered dogs will be MANDATORY SPAY and NEUTER!  Only AKC & UKC will be allowed intact. If passed, this bill would require sterilization of dogs and cats over the age of six months, unless the owner qualifies for an intact animal license at […]

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