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ALERT – Don’t Be Conned into a Con-Con

The Constitution Convention Monitoring Group is being reactivated by Secure The Republic.  Darren Weeks of Coalition to Govern America is also working on this issue with Secure The Republic.  We need all the former monitors to step forward to help stop the Con-Con movement, and we need new monitors, also.  Please respond to with your name, email address, and telephone number if you […]

ACTION ALERT – Follow-up To Buffalo River Watershed Alliance Seven-city Tour Meetings

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance (BRWA) scheduled a seven-city speaking tour Oct. 25-31, 2013, to inform the public about threats to the Buffalo River from a giant factory hog-feeding operation known as Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) on a tributary of the national river at Mount Judea.  Waterkeeper Alliance from North Carolina was invited by BRWA to come to Arkansas to explain what was happening in North […]