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Protect Our 7th Amendment Rights

Article Written By Joey McCutchen: It appears an attack on our 7th Amendment rights is now imminent in the Arkansas Legislature. We discussed a few weeks back how so called “tort reform” is not a conservative value, but is instead a move to strip us of our Constitutional rights to a trial by jury – something […]

The Hidden Costs of Contaminated Water Additives

Newly published, peer-reviewed study shows the need for SB255, the Arkansas Water Additive Accountability bill.   In a February 2013 study  , published in Environmental Science & Policy,  a team of scientists from American University calculated overall social costs to the U.S. of using two principal fluoridation chemicals:  $1.143 billion per year for industrial grade hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) […]

AR Department of Health and NSF Deceptions on Water Additives Debate

All the more reason to support Senator Brian King on passing SB255.     Secure Arkansas has known for a while, with the mere mention of fluoride, mixed messages always seem to come from the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), an organization which seems to require protecting its sacred cow at all costs.    Last session, the Arkansas […]

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