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MARC ROSSON for State Rep.District 20

We are posting this article to show our support and endorsement for Marc Rosson as State Representative in District 20.  Marc has been a Secure Arkansas supporter for many years and also our Blueway Coordinator in Sevier County.  He loves liberty like we do, and he understands what’s at stake here in Arkansas. He also understands that the […]

EPA’s Plan EJ 2014 to Implement Sustainable Development

EPA’s Plan EJ 2014… Twenty years in the making In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12898, an order for all federal agencies to take government action involving Environmental Justice issues. Then, in 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency updated its environmental justice strategy and developed “Plan EJ 2014”, a model roadmap for advancing environmental justice, […]

Politicians For Sale?

Could your legislators have been bought off by Political Action Committees, American Legislative Exchange Council, and/or Corporate America?    We’ve had a lot of corruption in Arkansas politics over the years, so we need to get around to cleaning it up.  It’s our responsibility to hold our public officials accountable for their behavior. There have been […]