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Part 6: Rebuttal to ADH Fluoridation Testimony to Ark. Joint Health Committee 10/05/15 (minutes 54-1:02)

Dr. John A. Yiamouyiannis published a  paper entitled  "Water Fluoridation and Tooth Decay: Results From the 1986-1987 National Survey of US. Schoolchildren" in the Fluoride, Journal of The International Society for Fluoride Research (Volume 23, No. 2; April 1990; pp 55-67). The conclusion of this paper showed that there was NO significant difference in tooth […]

Corruption Exposed – Affidavits Delivered to Governor 12/18/2015

How did Act 197 (the water fluoridation mandate) get passed in the first place?  Were the legislators presented with false evidence which swayed their votes? We’ve been asking these questions ever since the fluoridation mandate was passed by the Arkansas legislature in 2011. At the Arkansas Joint Health Committee meeting on October 5, 2015, Dr. […]

Delta Dental and the Fluoride Exposure

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.” — Robert Carton, Ph.D., former U.S. EPA scientist, on “Marketplace” Canadian Broadcast Company Nov 24, 1992. As usual, this article is full of useful information, links, and data that will take time for you to process, so please don’t […]

Part 5: Rebuttal to ADH Fluoridation Testimony to Ark. Joint Health Committee 10/05/15 (minutes 40-54)

In this fifth part of our rebuttal, Secure Arkansas is continuing to make a strong argument that the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is misleading our legislators and the general public.  We want our lawmakers to plainly comprehend the fluoridation debacle.  Secure Arkansas is simply saying to the ADH:  ”No, you’re wrong, and this is […]

More ADH and PEW Deceptions, Lies, and Coverups

Arkansas, we have a problem! We have discovered a couple of misleading reports that were submitted during the 2010-2011 legislative session regarding information that was used for the water fluoridation mandate; so what this ultimately means is that our legislators were deceived when they passed the fluoridation bill ACT 197 which mandated that all communities […]