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This Thurs 9/30/2021! First Annual Symposium of Ark. Transparency in Govt Group

Arkansas Transparency in Government Group is pleased to announce their FIRST Annual Symposium this Thursday, September 30, 2021 from 9:00am- 5:30pm at North Little Rock Wyndham Riverfront Hotel. The address is 2 Riverfront Pl, North Little Rock, Arkansas, 72114. If you live out of town, it’s worth driving for this meeting, and attendance is free. Secure Arkansas highly […]

The Culling Process Continues… with Covid-19 Biden-Harris Vaccine Mandates…

The Delta Strain IS the Vaccine…

The problem with the Covid-19 “vaccines” is that the numbers of deaths and adverse events from it are GROWING, and this is NOT going away. Many people have notified Secure Arkansas saying they REGRET receiving the Covid-19 injection. Keep in mind that many more people are yet to be seriously injured or to die from it. The latest official […]

UPDATE – Sexual Assault in the Huntsville School District

Secure Arkansas is thankful that this lawsuit is moving forward. Parents need to DEMAND zero tolerance for sexual assaults on children, especially when coaches and staff have knowledge of what was happening. Sexual assault is wrong, unacceptable, and appalling conduct, and this cannot be ignored. Hold these people ACCOUNTABLE! PRESS RELEASE Joey McCutchen, 479-806-4878 TITLE IX […]

The Pfizer Secret Contract That Controls Countries…

World Domination and Population Control… We are experiencing the largest human experiment in history. Please just say “NO” to the contaminated Covid injection… because the virus was lab engineered as a bioweapon! It’s difficult for some people to conceive of the virus being manmade… and yet, it was… It’s difficult for some people to conceive […]