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Update on Con Con Resolutions at End of 2017 Session!

A quick review of SJR 9, SJR 7, AND SJR 2 Warning Legislators: None of these original Con Con bills should have ever been resurrected!  It’s too risky! The stunt used to resurrect these bills was confusing, and we believe it was meant to be so!  SJR 9 was changed from Method 2 (Con-Con) to Method […]

HIGH ALERT: Con Con Amendments SJR 9 and SJR 2

Vote NO on SJR 9 AND SJR 2 Attention All Legislators:  Remember, a “NO” VOTE is required on ANY piece of legislation which calls for a convention or mentions Article V! (There are now 3 resolutions calling for a convention: SJR 2, SJR 7, and SJR 9.) All the states can do is APPLY for […]

Sen. Stubblefield’s Con Con Resolution SJR 2 is Back!

High Alert! Senator Gary Stubblefield’s Con Con resolution SJR 2, passed out of the full Senate today to apply Arkansas for an Article V convention. The bill was ordered immediately to the House, so we had better start contacting the full House instead of just the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs committee members. Session is almost […]

Unbelievable! Sen. Rapert’s Con Con is Back! SJR 7 and SJR 9

SJR 7 and SJR 9 have been resurrected and brought back to the House Committee once again. When will this ever end? AND when will the public become totally outraged at Senator Rapert’s actions? Stunts like this scream that the heads of state must be involved and dark money is flowing to every player/actor. The agenda says it has been re-referred to the House […]

Arkansas’ Victory Against a Con Con! Tuesday, March 14, 2017

**** Update on the Constitutional Convention legislation **** We are sending out a special thank you to the 2017 House General Assembly that voted down both SJR 7 and SJR 9, legislation which would have applied the State of Arkansas for Article V convention!  And thank you to all of the concerned residents who called, emailed, sent […]

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