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UPDATE: New Madrid Fault & Earthquakes –CERN, Preparedness, & the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Secure Arkansas thought we needed to update our article as of April 7 and mention earthquakes, since the eclipse’s Path of Totality goes over the New Madrid fault line. On April 5, 2024, New York and New Jersey had a 4.8 earthquake, and even on April 6th, there were after-shocks. Also, on April 5th, there […]

Justin Trudeau is with The World Economic Forum School for Global Dictators…

Silent weapons of war were used by the pharmaceutical industry against humanity in this life threatening Covid-19 mass vaccination campaign. Aided by Big Tech and strict media censorship, it’s creating global tyranny! Their intrusive methods of control must stop NOW. DARPA/Big Pharma bioengineers are constantly busy reformulating each subsequent generation of the harmful injections in […]