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Strange Things Going on in Antarctica… and more updates

Secure Arkansas would like to lay out for you the evil that we see occurring around the world in this critical time for humanity. It’s important that we are aware of what’s happening. Above all, our hope is in Yeshua. Yes, strange things have been happening in Antarctica, a continent always shrouded in mystery. It’s a […]

Vaccines… and Blind Belief in Authority

Here is the latest update concerning the covid vaccinations… or what we call “the jab”. Did you know that all COVID Vaccines are NOT the same? Each COVID vaccine batch has a different relative toxicity level. If you received the jab, you may want to go to How Bad Is My Batch in order to: Checkout your […]

Important Global COVID Summit 1/8/2022 – North Little Rock, AR

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity in Arkansas to hear in-person information about Covid-19 from knowledgeable professionals, this is it. Secure Arkansas is excited to share information about a special event that will be held in North Little Rock very soon, so register quickly before seats fill up: Global Covid Summit  Saturday, January 8, 2022 from 9:00am-4:00pm LOCATION: Apostolic Church, […]

No Vaccine Mandates in America… and Leave our Children Alone!

What is this vaccine mandate seeking to accomplish? Annihilation? Think about the threats. We have been enslaved by the man-made Covid-19 bioweapon from the authoritarian Communist Chinese Party (CCP), the cabal of billionaire global players, and the Big Tech elites’ surveillance system that is extracting all our biometrics. Regarding Covid, Dr. Peter McCullough recently stated […]

Arkansas’ Covid-19 Injection Vote on SB732

Special Session – Senate Vote – Monday, October 4, 2021 SB732 – TO PROHIBIT COERCION OF PERSONS TO RECEIVE THE VACCINE OR IMMUNIZATION FOR CORONAVIRUS 2019 (COVID-19); AND TO DECLARE AN EMERGENCY. Click here for the current status of the bill in the Arkansas Legislature. SB732 passed the Senate. (Emergency Clause failed of adoption.) Referred to House. ACTION […]

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