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Highway Debt Plan – Vote NO on Nov. 8 !

We have exciting news to report to our members. Since Secure Arkansas came out in opposition to the highway debt plan to be voted on November 8th, no less than eight other patriot groups around the state have joined us in opposition to this debt. These include some of the most active local groups in the state and include the following organizations…

Little Rock Sales Tax Election Tuesday, September 13th

Little Rock residents need to go to their regular polling sites and vote on Tuesday, September 13th. Otherwise, we could all be paying more taxes. This is a “special election,” which some people may not be aware of.

Fort Smith Board to Decide on Water Fluoridation Startup

In March of this year, Sen. Johnson, when asked what the startup costs would be for Fort Smith, stated to legislators that it would be between $90,000 and $100,000 dollars. (Southwest Times)

Call House Speaker John Boehner

Please contact House Speaker John Boehner. Tell him the people of Arkansas ask that he stand firm on our fiscally conservative principles.

HB1002: The Capital Gains Reduction Act of 2011

The Capital Gains Reduction Act of 2011 (HB 1002) will be presented before Senate Revenue & Taxation committee this Wed. the 9th. (It has already passed the House and will likely pass the Senate if we can get it out of committee).

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