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Residents Battling Wind Farms in Carroll County, Arkansas

Please read or listen to this 13-minute interview from Ozarks at Large at the link below: Eastern Carroll County residents resolute in blocking proposed Nimbus wind facility Here are some excerpts: If built, Nimbus will be among the largest commercial mountaintop wind power facilities in the southeastern U.S., where land-based wind farms remain scant, according to S&P […]

Weather Modification & Hurricane Beryl

More Weather Warfare on America! The “Climate Change” Agenda — The real truth is being revealed about weather phenomena occurring around the world. Another extreme weather event, Hurricane Beryl, has landed upon Texas and could still strengthen and cause a lot of damage in its path, but flooding is not the only problem. Many Texans […]

Americans Overwhelmed by Inflation…The Perfect Storm: Introduction to the Crisis

Most Americans are in distress, financial shock, and losing jobs. The middle class is under attack by the government and corporations/ the global elite. Is America headed for an economic crash that could be worse than the Great Depression? Criminals are roaming free all across America, especially in our own government. Our human rights to […]

Time to Start Turning in our FOIA/ Transparency in Govt Petitions!

It’s time to start turning in our FOIA petitions! The petitions must be turned in this week to the Secretary of State on or before July 5th. However, readers — we are still gathering last-minute signatures. There are still a few days left to sign and to gather more needed signatures, so please make a […]

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