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Secure Arkansas Capital Campaign

Each year, Secure Arkansas works diligently to ensure state sovereignty and adherence to the Constitution while promoting responsible government practices, fiscal accountability and the protection of personal property rights and civil liberties of all Arkansans.

Fact or Fringe: You Decide

Recently, Secure Arkansas has been under siege from local Arkansas newspapers. I use the term “newspaper” loosely, as apparently real journalism no longer exists in the State. Perhaps instead of “newspaper,” they should be referred to as the “Arkansas leader in yellow-journalism,” since they seem to enjoy stating opinion as fact so much. This past week, the Arkansas Times proved they earned the above title when they published an article written by Gerard Mathews titled, “The political fringe finds a voice in Arkansas.” [1] If this is the best writer the Arkansas Times has on staff, then they have more important issues to deal with than the “political fringe.”

Arkansas State Employee Salary Information Release

This list proves that state government is too big and taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay some of these high salaries. Of the 29,930 positions on the list, just 267 earn more than $100,000 per year while 2,546 earn less than $22,000 per year, which is the poverty level for a family of four.