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Fluoride: A Toxic Poison and the IQ Studies

At the Arkansas Department of Health quarterly board meeting on July 23, 2015, Sandra Young, M.D. spoke about fluoride lowering I.Q. as well as causing other chronic health problems.  This article is written from a doctor’s standpoint and will address those topics in more detail; it should especially capture the attention of our medical and […]

Follow-up Letter on Fluoride to Ark. Board of Health

This is what Sandra Young MD sent as a follow-up letter regarding water fluoridation to the Arkansas State Board of Health.  Once again, in case anyone missed it, you may watch the 8-minute YouTube video by clicking here. – – – – – 7/27/2015 Thank you all for letting me speak spontaneously at the Arkansas […]

Natural Fluoride vs Chemical Fluoride

The Arkansas Department of Health is very deceitful and is lying about the fluoride facts posted on their website. You will be able to see after reviewing the four (4) Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – regarding naturally occurring fluoride and the three chemical fluorides – that ALL the fluoride products are toxic and not […]

Stop the Push for a Mandate for Water Fluoridation

Secure Arkansas has been made aware of a push for a mandate for water fluoridation. The mandate bill has not been filed, but it is coming soon. We must try and stop this action NOW.

We are asking everyone to first contact all members of the Senate and House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committees, then contact your own senator and representative AND TELL THEM TO VOTE NO TO A WATER FLUORIDATION MANDATE.