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Recent Apocalyptic Chemical Disasters in the U.S…

The desolation of the United States Have you noticed all of the calamitous chemical disasters in the U.S. lately? The timing is highly suspicious! Could the February 3, 2023 disaster have been pre-planned? Now the cover-up begins? You decide. In this current emergency, what happened in Ohio and around the Pennsylvania border? NTSB Issues Investigative Update on […]

Arkansas Federation of Animal Owners (ARKFED)

Arkansas Federation of Animal Owners (ARKFED) is a coalition of individuals and organizations, whose members own, raise, enjoy, produce, and sell animals and animal products. We believe in and support the proper care and humane treatment of all animals, but we also believe that the Animal Rights movement is a misguided attempt to deprive American citizens of their basic Constitutional rights to property ownership.