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*NEW INFO Regarding Waters of the U.S. EPA Deadline*

Seven counties have passed the resolution so far: Boone, Craighead, Fulton, Lawrence, Newton, Searcy, and Stone. Please get the resolution (linked below) to your JPs immediately; they will need to call a special meeting to address this issue and vote to pass the resolution supporting water rights on or before Monday, June 19, 2017! Secure […]

*UPDATE* URGENT! Waters of the United States Resolution – FOR ALL STATES

NOTE:  The alert we sent out previously on June 3, 2017 had some bad links, so we’ve corrected them and updated some information in this version (in red font). We’ve also included the resolution for Newton County (see the link a the end of this alert), and we will send the Stone County resolution as […]

Urgent! Water & Property Rights at Stake! Must-read for Elected Officials and Public

Urgent!  Our Water Rights and Property Rights are at Stake Under the old Obama “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) Rule! We wanted you to see that Newton County Quorum Court passed the resolution in Newton County, Arkansas, on June 5, 2017 regarding “navigable waters” and President Trump’s Executive Order 13778.  (We’ve included the signed […]

URGENT! Waters of the United States Resolution

Dear Arkansas readers and those in all other states, Government is entirely too intrusive, with many, many burdensome rules and regulations that have been hoisted upon the people of this country, so we are forced to take local action.  This time, it involves our WATER, and we must act immediately! Time is ticking!  It’s imperative that […]

WARNING to Carroll Boone Water District Board and ALL of Arkansas

The above is the warning that comes with the fluoride product. This is also the same product that the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) says is “safe”. Are you going to believe the ADH, or are you going to believe the warning that comes on the fluoride product packaging? ADH must do their own research […]

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