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RINO Republicans Taking Aim at our Constitutional Process; Update on HB1419

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 3 things the Arkansas RINO Republicans are doing which will violate our constitutional process: HB1419 SB260 A Constitutional Convention/ Article V Federal Convention 1. Update on HB1419 sponsored by Rep. Kendon Underwood from Cave Springs and Senator Jim Dotson from Bentonville — Sadly, it passed! Restricting The Ballot […]

Arizona has an Article V Amendment Resolution Set for Committee Vote AT ONE PM TODAY!!!!!

**************KEEP CALLING! THIS BILL HAS NOT BEEN HEARD YET************** Interstate Compact to apply for an Article V Convention   Compact for America is pushing a complicated interstate compact to apply to Congress to call an Article V Convention also known as a Con-Con.  HB 2328 establishes a compact among the several States for the purpose of proposing […]

Action Alert! Con-Con Call in MONTANA!‏

The state of Montana needs our help in contacting their legislators to vote “NO” on an Article V Amendments Convention, which leads to a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con).   Montana Needs You! SJ5:   A joint resolution of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the State of Montana providing for the application for an Amendments Convention to […]