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Chief Justice Burger on the Constitutional Convention

The following letter written to Dame of Malta Phyllis Schlafly, from Chief Justice Warren Burger, should not be construed by the reader to mean that Schlafly came willingly into the battle against the on-going action for a Constitutional Convention application by state legislators. The effort to seduce state legislators into passing resolutions began in the mid […]

Unbridled Powers of Delegates in a Constitutional Convention

Corpus Jurus Secundum is a compilation of State Supreme Court findings. Following is the collection of findings regarding the unlimited power of the delegates attending a Constitutional Convention. Legal “experts” have asserted that it would be highly unlikely that the U.S. Supreme Court would overturn findings from several separate and concurring State Supreme Courts. The foot-note […]

The Effort to Dismantle Our Constitution

By Jackie Patru (revised and updated January, 2001) Under article V of the Constitution, our founding fathers established two methods for future generations to add amendments to the Constitution.      Under method 1: Two-thirds of both houses of Congress can propose an amendment, and then three-fourths of the states ratify it… or not.      Under method 2: Two-thirds (34) […]

Constitutional Convention — A Gridlock of Fact and Fiction

A Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) is just that, regardless the various softened names it has recently been given. The call for a Con-Con is on the march throughout this country; it is armed and it is dangerous. Its arms: Fabrications, confusing language, legal ‘terms of art’, and outright lies by advocates manipulating the current fast-paced movement by […]

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