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CDR Second Letter to Leavitt

June 6, 1995   Governor Michael Leavitt State of Utah Office of the Governor Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Governor Leavitt: Since we have had no response from our first invitation to you to participate in an open debate on the Conference of States, and since our first letter was not mailed by certified mail, […]


GOV. LEAVITT and SENATOR DUKE CHALLENGED TO DEBATE CONFERENCE OF STATES ISSUE The Council on Domestic Relations (CDR), a national grass-roots networking organization, is announcing its challenge to Utah’s Governor Michael Leavitt, Colorado State Senator Charles duke and others to a public debate on the Conference of States (COS issue. Gov. Leavitt has been promoting […]

Utah Governor Mike Leavitt’s Position on the Conference of States

The following is transcript of Utah Governor Mike Leavitt’s position paper on the Conference of States. All sentences in parantheses are our comments. The states’ Resolution for Participation in the Conference of States has passed in Utah and Virginia. According to the Council of State Governments it has also passed one chamber (House or Senate) in 7 […]

Conference of States to call for a Constitutional Convention

To understand the intricacies of the planned COS / Con-Con in 1995 read the following report which was featured as a 4 page center pullout section of the August, ’95 issue of the CDR Newsletter. Outdated info, i.e. addresses, phone / fax numbers, etc deleted. We experienced a chain of miracles in our efforts to […]

What Is / Was the Conference of States?

Conference of States Could Lead to Runaway Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia      From Utah Governor Mike Leavitt’s May ’94 position paper on the planned Conference of States expected to be held in “historic Philadelphia”, October 24-26th, 1995, coincidental with the 50th Anniversary of the ratification of the UN Charter by the U.S. Senate… speaking about the […]

States With a Standing Call for a Constitutional Convention

  Alaska Arizona Arkansas Delaware Colorado Georgia Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas Maryland Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Wyoming The remaining 18 states have not called for a convention. Citizens must keep a vigilant watch to block legislation […]

Methods of Control

In stark contrast to the iron grip that the enemies of our Constitutional system have on our federal government, their control of our state governments is far less effective. From our experience it would appear that the opposition depends on – in combination – several factors and methods of control.   KEY STATE LEADERS  –  It […]

The 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional

It is difficult to emphasize strongly enough, the importance of this memorandum written by Judge Perez. History is always written by the ‘victor’. In this case — again — the victor was the small group of powerful U.S. and International financiers who have orchestrated every war in which Americans have fought and died, and who […]

Are We Being Con-Conned?

Are we being Con-Conned Out of our 2nd Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms? Practice our chosen religion? Educate our children? In the summer of 1992 I read a newsletter detailing the facts about the on going effort to dismantle our constitution. I was shocked to my very core, frightened and puzzled. “Why didn’t we know about […]

Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America

This transcript of the Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America was transferred from Col. Arch Roberts’ website at Committee to Restore the Constitution.  When possible, we transfer whole files — always giving credit to its source — in the event a website with pertinent information may be discontinued.  — Jackie                           A CONSTITUTION FOR THE […]