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The federal Constitution Convention (Con-Con) issue is heating up again.  Remember:  if/when 34 states pass a resolution requesting a Con-Con, we can all kiss America (as we know it) good-bye.  At present, about 26 states have a pending resolution requesting a Con-Con.  The elitists from both parties along with George Soros are pushing for a Con-Con.  This is a very dangerous […]

Urgent !!! We Need Your Help To Save The Constitution!!

Without your help we could be Con-Conned Out of our 2nd Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms Several states have introduced bills allegedly nullifying federal gun laws and rejecting Obama’s Executive Order mandating such. The message is basically “You aren’t going to get our 2nd Amendment!” . There are other bills nullifying Obamacare, the NDAA (indefinite detention of American […]