Help SB 97 Pass the Senate Judiciary Committee Tomorrow

UPDATE 02/21/11: Recently, it has come to the attention of Secure Arkansas that SB 97 has undergone several revisions to the original bill proposed. Because of this, we are undergoing a review process to make sure that the proposed legislation adheres to the mission and purpose of Secure Arkansas.

SB 97, To Protect Rights and Privileges Granted Under the United States Constitution and the Arkansas Constitution, sponsored by Senator Cecile Bledsoe, is a bill that essentially protects the sovereignty of the State from foreign law being used in our courts. It is currently on the Agenda for the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow, Wednesday, February 2, at 10 a.m.

Senator Bledsoe has asked for our support for her bill that will prevent the application of foreign laws that violate our state or federal constitutions. Although this may seem to be a logical slam dunk, it is going to be tough to get this out of the Judiciary Committee as it has a large number of liberal members.

Please contact your senator, or all senators, and especially the members of the Judiciary Committee listed below to ask for support of Senator Bledsoe’s bill.

This is a bill we should support. Here are some talking points passed on to us. Please pass them along to your friends and concerned citizens.

1. There is no hidden agenda in this bill, and it is not a gimmick to insinuate that a court or any group is not following the Arkansas Constitution.

2. The bill is needed because foreign laws are being used already in other states, primarily in domestic arbitration.

3. The bill is a non issue for businesses who want to have contracts with foreign countries. They can still have contracts, and this bill in no way changes that.

4. The bill is not targeting any specific group or religion. People in Arkansas can worship as they see fit so long as their practices do not conflict with the Arkansas Constitution or the United States Constitution.

5. We feel the main thrust of this bill is that it is not anti any specific group but pro Arkansas Constitution.

Link to SB97
Link to SB97′s Bill Status History

Link to the Arkansas State Legislature

Link to the Judiciary Committee – Senate

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

  • Senator Jim Luker
  • Senator Ruth Whitaker
  • Senator Sue Madison
  • Senator Robert Thompson
  • Senator David Johnson
    Little Rock
  • Senator Jason Rapert
  • Senator Stephanie Flowers
    Pine Bluff
  • Senator Steve Harrelson
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