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Extortion in Arkansas – Tax Increase Part 4 & Landfill “Fee” Protest Meeting 3/17/18

Hopefully, INDICTMENTS will come out of this because it looks like the MULTI-MILLION dollar debt (payable to the BONDHOLDERS) was predetermined all along! Follow The Money! Secure Arkansas continues the very sad saga on the toxic Class 1 NABORS Landfill fiasco and the “service fee” (trash tax) that has been illegally forced onto the taxpayers’ real estate […]

Better Oral Health?… or is Arkansas a National Disgrace?

Prepare yourself! This is a bad report! Fluoride is NOT safe and it is NOT effective! (The claim that fluoride is “safe and effective” is propaganda coming from the Department of Health.) Arkansas dental decay is on the RISE… Where has all the Arkansas oral health grant money gone? What’s the status now? Check out […]

Extortion in Arkansas – Tax Increase Part 3 AND ACTION ITEM!

More problems with the NABORS Landfill! A Federal Grand Jury Needs to be Called Forth! Since the FBI is already investigating the General Improvement Funds (GIF) here in Arkansas, they need to go a little further and investigate landfills and districts as well. (The mob loves trash and waste disposal fraud! They have multiple contracts […]

MORE TAX PROBLEMS for Parts of Arkansas

“VOTE NO” AGAINST THE ALPENA SCHOOL DISTRICT # 5 MILLAGE in parts of Boone, Carroll, and Newton Counties March 6 – 13, 2018 Taxes are already outrageously sky high in Arkansas… and now, the government wants MORE of your hard earned money for the Alpena #5 School District Millage… but it’s UP TO YOU VOTERS TO VOTE […]

Extortion in ARKANSAS – Tax Increase – Part 2

EXTORTION MONEY is being demanded from local taxpayers via the Trash Tax in six of our Northern Arkansas counties due to the bankruptcy and closure of the NABORS Landfill in Baxter County — and it’s listed as CLASS 1 (and Class 4), which means that it accepted hazardous waste! It looks like the devious Trash Tax involves […]