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Exposing More Dangers of Graphene Oxide in Covid-19 Shots & Those Involved…

The “China Virus”, NIH Virus, or “Fauci Virus” is Being Unraveled and Exposing Graphene Oxide *Graphene Oxide patents listed below in the article Until you do proper research, PLEASE do not get the COVID-19 shot! Tony Fauci Financed the Wuhan Lab’s work on Covid Virus. Big Pharma, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, state and […]

COVID-19 Shots & Toxic Graphene Oxide

Stop the mass lethal injection agenda against humanity! URGENT ALERT: Our Arkansas governor and his cohort, Dr. Jose Romero from the CDC, are starting their propaganda campaign called “vaccine hesitancy” in Cabot on Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 6:00 pm at Veterans Parks Event Center. If you’re concerned about the mass “vaccination” effort, please attend the meeting, and ask […]

FOIA Request Sent to Fayetteville School District

Secure Arkansas wanted to alert our readers about a FOIA request that was recently sent to the Fayetteville Public School District via Attorney Joey McCutcheon, Attorney Chip Sexton, and also Professor Robert Steinbuch. Secure Arkansas simply asks the public school district to release the records. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that […]

Exposing Those Controlling the Covid Death Jab

The Covid-19 jab is a death sentence and makes dead workers replaceable. Are you prepared to be replaced? CDC:  5,888 DEAD and 329,021 Injuries from COVID-19 Shots  That’s more than the Previous 29 Years of VAERS Vaccine Deaths. (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting  System) From the June 4, 2021 release of VAERS data: There are also another 5,884 […]

Lethal Ingredients in Covid-19 Injections and Other Consequences…

Are you aware of the ingredients in the Covid-19 shots? If you had the shot, did you receive any information showing the ingredients or the side effects? According to the Nuremberg Code, the voluntary consent of the human subject is vitally essential. We do NOT consent! We need to speak that loudly and clearly. The public are […]