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UPDATE – Sexual Assault in the Huntsville School District

Secure Arkansas is thankful that this lawsuit is moving forward. Parents need to DEMAND zero tolerance for sexual assaults on children, especially when coaches and staff have knowledge of what was happening. Sexual assault is wrong, unacceptable, and appalling conduct, and this cannot be ignored. Hold these people ACCOUNTABLE! PRESS RELEASE Joey McCutchen, 479-806-4878 TITLE IX […]

Ivermectin vs Mandates and Community Isolation Centers

UPDATE ALERT: In our alert (included below) from 8/23/2021, we wrote that the Covid-19 Pfizer injection had been fully FDA approved… but let’s look at this further. Here is more documentation that our readers need to look into: This is the 13-page letter from the FDA regarding the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Letter of Authorization reissued […]

Internment Camps are Here (called CICs or “Community Isolation Centers”)

Oppressive Public Health Demands from Tyrannical Corporations, Government, and Military Doing the Dirty Work for Fauci Heads Up! This is serious. Internment camps are here, called CIC or “Community Isolation Centers” Are you noticing how major corporations and governments are aligning even further with globalist policies and the malicious World Economic Forum (WEF) and following […]

The COVID-19 Injection – A Trojan Horse – Part 2

Once again, we are writing to alert you about the experimental COVID-19 technology injections and this harmful, manipulative reset of society. mRNA injections of this type have NEVER been used on humans before. COVID-19 vaccine trials cannot tell us if they will save lives. by Peter Doshi, Associate Editor at the British Medical Journal (BMJ), 21 October […]

Extreme High Alert for ALL States!

FOR ALL STATES Liars are Calling for a Constitutional Convention… again! Our U.S. Constitution is at risk Here we go again. You are being alerted because we are facing an extraordinary national crisis by politicians who want to call a Constitutional Convention. We are in BIG trouble if that happens! If a federal convention is […]

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