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Save Your County From Election Fraud!

Voters, it is imperative that you read this article! Election fraud has been an issue in American politics for quite some time, and we have the ability and an opportunity to do something about that here in Arkansas and in other states. (In case you haven’t yet read our previous email on voter fraud from […]

Big Pharma Drugs and their Connection to MASS SHOOTINGS

Over 90% of the School Shootings are Linked to Antidepressant Drugs It’s Big Pharma – and Not the Guns- that should be on Trial Big Pharma is Guilty of the Killing of our Kids . With all the mass shootings breaking out across America, Big Pharma’s psychiatric drug connection is being ignored. Instead, our politicians […]

VOTE NO on HB 1041 (Regarding Foreign Law and American Courts)

HB 1041 will be coming up for a full House vote TODAY, Monday, February 6, 2017 at 1:30 PM. Arkansas Representatives Brandt Smith has introduced this unconstitutional bill, HB 1041, to be in the full House Floor for Conservation  (2/06/2017) .  The title of the bill is: “AN ACT TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES GRANTED UNDER THE UNITED STATES […]

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