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The Criminal Medical Conspiracy to Eliminate HUNDREDS of Millions…

The FDA Chain of Failure has Caused our American Healthcare System to Fail! Big Pharma – Death by Injection In this article, let’s observe our manipulated healthcare, the malice of the conspirators, the out-of-control federal government, and criminal arm of the cunning U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) throughout the years and their collusion with […]

Covid-19 Infant Injections, Monkeypox, & Coercion…

Global Genetic Genocide — Deaths by Dirty Injections INFANTICIDE: 10 Million Babies and Toddlers are Targeted for Slaughter by the Biden Administration with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA Injections — article by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News. From the article: The COVID-19 vaccine population reduction program is now entering its final phase, as the White House […]

Arkansas’ 3rd District Best Choice: Neil Kumar (R)

Neil Kumar (R) vs Incumbent Steve Womack (R) in Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District Pictured: Arkansan Neil Kumar (left) is facing U.S. Rep. Steve Womack in the 2022 Republican Primary for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District Neil Kumar (R) — Best Choice! Secure Arkansas believes that Neil Kumar is the best choice for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District.  Neil is a strong supporter […]

Elect John Thurston Sec. of State; Arkansas’ Clear Choice!

Incumbent Republican John Thurston is running for re-election as Arkansas Secretary of State this year against RINO Eddie Joe Williams. Which one will you choose? Our clear choice is the current Secretary of State John Thurston because Mr. Eddie Joe Williams has caused us to be greatly concerned over the years. Why? Keep reading. Let’s talk […]

Arkansas’ Primary Election May 24, 2022

Early Voting Starts Monday, May 9 at 8:00 am Secure Arkansas has bullet-pointed a list of candidates. Those we feel that are not RINOs based on our research are designated by the term “Best choice” below… but for those who are questionable, we have included a negative comment and our reasoning next to their name. You may […]

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