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UPDATE: Traitorous Legislators in Arkansas!

LATEST UPDATE:  We were alerted by a representative that the voting record for the Arkansas House of Representatives was updated by the Capitol to read this way now (shown below) because votes were paired. There were 2 pairs on the desk for the SJR3 vote: McKenzie and Della Rosa were NO while Pilkington and Payton were […]

LAST CALL TO ACTION For Stopping A Convention!

Warning! Secure Arkansas’ Last Call to Action regarding SJR3! Immediate Call to Action: Arkansas House Republicans plan to rush SJR 3, the Article V resolution, applying for a federal convention, to a floor vote as early as Monday, February 11, 2019. Update: Sadly, the SJR 3 resolution passed out of House State Agencies Committee, Thursday, Feb. 6, 2019. The vote […]

CALL TO ACTION to Protect Our Constitution: Stop SJR3 in House State Agencies Cmte.

Alert!  SJR3, the resolution applying for a federal convention is scheduled for Wednesday morning, 10:00 a.m. on February 6, 2019 at the Arkansas Capitol in the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs committee. This resolution MUST be defeated in committee. Do not ignore our U.S. Constitution. Ignoring it is a direct road to a totalitarian government! This suicide pact on […]

False Statements in SJR3’s Call for a Convention

Dangers of a federal convention! Our U.S. Constitution is the oldest national constitution in the world! We should keep it in place and not risk having it replaced. Wake up! The ruthless RINO Republicans asked us to put our (forced) Social Security taxes (our money WE paid into the government) on the altar to be sacrificed, […]

Arkansas Legislators and FBI Indictments

Corruption at the Arkansas Capitol continues with our lawmakers and special interest private corporations! Arkansans held captive at the hands of criminal activity! READERS – pay attention to your emails! How many of our lawmakers are on the payroll of pay-to-play private companies that depend on state funds, taxpayer money? The Arkansas Legislature is too […]

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