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Repeal The Jonesboro Property Code!

Immediate Action Required: This is an urgent appeal from Secure Arkansas on behalf of the group Repeal Property Code 105-2. We are asking for you to contact this group to help gather the signatures needed to repeal the dangerous property code in Jonesboro, Arkansas! Unless 2,432 signatures are collected before February 10, 2016, the residents […]

ADEQ Warrantless Searches!

Act 1076 of 1991 must be repealed!  Read the bill below; the devil is in the details. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) performs searches with NO search warrant!  This should concern you, as well as every city and county! If consent to inspect is denied, the ADEQ may obtain an administrative inspection warrant from […]

Dateline NBC Psyop: Microchip Everything 2017 The following is commentary from the video’s YouTube page Secret human RFID implanting how and why (video) * October 19th, 2010 7:52 pm ET Among greatest violations of human rights and everything the United States stands for is secretly forcing RFID chips into humans without their knowledge or consent as James Walbert and […]


Article By: Ken Borgenheimer – Mountain View, AR It seems that these people have more influence on America than any other – influence in a most negative way. Let’s start with politicians and lawyers – the people who make laws for the rest of the nation – who love power and control above all else. Right […]

What is Washington County Really Voting For on May 22?

Government, in the terms of our Founders, is a necessary evil. It is there to secure our rights and property while we are away earning a living. Our government is supposed to protect us from those who would do us harm, lie to us, steal or cheat us. But, when governments get an agenda, they […]

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