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Save Your County From Election Fraud!

Voters, it is imperative that you read this article! Election fraud has been an issue in American politics for quite some time, and we have the ability and an opportunity to do something about that here in Arkansas and in other states. (In case you haven’t yet read our previous email on voter fraud from […]

UPDATE: Land Grab: Ozark Run Scenic Byway Meeting Info and a Letter to the Editor

Ozark Property Owners — Your Land is in Jeopardy! Dear readers, High alert! Many of you are asking about the meeting locations, dates, and times in August and September 2022 for the areas affected in Missouri by this most recent attempted federal land and water grab A.K.A. Ozark Run Scenic Byway. You may find the meeting […]

Voter Fraud & Stolen Elections – Part 1

Voter Fraud & Stolen Elections – Part 1 Since the 2016 presidential election, voters have heatedly debated election and voter fraud.  As you are likely aware, the election of 2020 was no different and caused substantial disturbance in our country, as many people considered it a “stolen election,” when Joe Biden was declared the winner of […]

Repeal The Jonesboro Property Code!

Immediate Action Required: This is an urgent appeal from Secure Arkansas on behalf of the group Repeal Property Code 105-2. We are asking for you to contact this group to help gather the signatures needed to repeal the dangerous property code in Jonesboro, Arkansas! Unless 2,432 signatures are collected before February 10, 2016, the residents […]

ADEQ Warrantless Searches!

Act 1076 of 1991 must be repealed!  Read the bill below; the devil is in the details. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) performs searches with NO search warrant!  This should concern you, as well as every city and county! If consent to inspect is denied, the ADEQ may obtain an administrative inspection warrant from […]

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