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Strange Things Going on in Antarctica… and more updates

Secure Arkansas would like to lay out for you the evil that we see occurring around the world in this critical time for humanity. It’s important that we are aware of what’s happening. Above all, our hope is in Yeshua. Yes, strange things have been happening in Antarctica, a continent always shrouded in mystery. It’s a […]

Lethal Ingredients in Covid-19 Injections and Other Consequences…

Are you aware of the ingredients in the Covid-19 shots? If you had the shot, did you receive any information showing the ingredients or the side effects? According to the Nuremberg Code, the voluntary consent of the human subject is vitally essential. We do NOT consent! We need to speak that loudly and clearly. The public are […]

Is the COVID-19 “Vaccine” Shedding?

Are you aware that the general public is still in stage 3 experimental trials for the COVID-19 shot until 2023? All of this manipulation and a big propaganda vaccine campaign is being played out on the world stage to control the masses. In this article: People who received the COVID-19 shot are shedding (transferring) adverse […]

Dr. José Romero, COVID Lies, and the CDC

When someone lies to you or misleads you, do you feel you can trust them? What if this person holds a leadership position over a large state organization with the ability to negatively affect people’s health, merely by denying what could save their lives? What if people died because of it? This has already happened […]

COVID-19 Vaccine – A Crime Against Humanity

In politics, NOTHING happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. COVID-19 was planned and released to cause an economic shift that resulted in global and structural changes. Unfortunately, it does NOT look like the World Health Organization (WHO) or The Lancet COVID-19 Commission is going to do a systemic examination […]

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