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The Criminal Medical Conspiracy to Eliminate HUNDREDS of Millions…

The FDA Chain of Failure has Caused our American Healthcare System to Fail! Big Pharma – Death by Injection In this article, let’s observe our manipulated healthcare, the malice of the conspirators, the out-of-control federal government, and criminal arm of the cunning U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) throughout the years and their collusion with […]

Big Pharma Drugs and their Connection to MASS SHOOTINGS

Over 90% of the School Shootings are Linked to Antidepressant Drugs It’s Big Pharma – and Not the Guns- that should be on Trial Big Pharma is Guilty of the Killing of our Kids . With all the mass shootings breaking out across America, Big Pharma’s psychiatric drug connection is being ignored. Instead, our politicians […]

Covid-19 Infant Injections, Monkeypox, & Coercion…

Global Genetic Genocide — Deaths by Dirty Injections INFANTICIDE: 10 Million Babies and Toddlers are Targeted for Slaughter by the Biden Administration with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA Injections — article by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News. From the article: The COVID-19 vaccine population reduction program is now entering its final phase, as the White House […]

Justin Trudeau is with The World Economic Forum School for Global Dictators…

Silent weapons of war were used by the pharmaceutical industry against humanity in this life threatening Covid-19 mass vaccination campaign. Aided by Big Tech and strict media censorship, it’s creating global tyranny! Their intrusive methods of control must stop NOW. DARPA/Big Pharma bioengineers are constantly busy reformulating each subsequent generation of the harmful injections in […]

HIGH ALERT: Petition for Arkansas Medical Freedom Amendment

Secure Arkansas would like to introduce to you a legal petition that was filed on January 6, 2022 regarding our medical freedom in Arkansas. This presents an opportunity for us to work together and ensure that this measure, a Constitutional Amendment, will be on the ballot in November, IF we the people of this state get […]

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