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Federal Offenses Against Arkansas Cemetery (including Timeline)

This alert is a continuation of previous articles regarding the federal offenses committed by the Buffalo River National Park Service against the Shaddox Cemetery in Newton County Arkansas. If you haven’t read about this until now, here are links to past articles: Arkansas Cemetery in Danger from National Park Service! UPDATE! Ark. Cemetery Board Responds […]

UPDATE! Ark. Cemetery Board Responds to National Park Service, et al

MORE BREAKING NEWS in Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District! The Shaddox Cemetery Board in Newton County, Arkansas, has responded to: the Buffalo National River National Park Service (NPS) in Arkansas Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson U.S. Senator Boozman (Ark. 3rd Congressional District) U.S Representative Womack (Ark. 3rd Congressional District) as well as these employees of the Dept. […]

Arkansas Cemetery in Danger from National Park Service!

HIGH ALERT for the 3rd Congressional District In Arkansas!  Breaking news story! Shaddox Cemetery located in Newton County Arkansas (near Harrison) has just had something very tragic happen to their still active cemetery. The Shaddox Cemetery Association (SCA) erected a fence over seven years ago in order to protect the grave sites from elk damage. […]

SB757 – Rebuttal to Legislators

We at Secure Arkansas are rebutting many of the negative statements made by the Arkansas General Assembly regarding some of the Action Alerts we have sent out concerning SB757. Honestly, we feel like we have only scratched the surface of the damage that this bill could actually cause property owners. One senator claimed that we […]

Federal Blueway program ends

Original Article Here   By BILL DRAPER Associated Press January 03, 2014 4:16 PM KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A U.S. Interior Department program intended to recognize conservation efforts along the nation’s waterways was dissolved on Friday amid opposition from landowners and politicians who feared it would lead to increased regulations and possible land seizures. The […]

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