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Conservation Easements are a Trap! Read the fine print. Don’t sign anything.

A basic Constitutional tenet of private property ownership in America is the landowner’s right to determine the use and disposition of his or her land.   This ownership gives the property owner the right to occupy, use, lease, sell, develop, and deny public access to his or her land.   Today, landowners can lose these rights […]

HB1450 : Pulled Down in Committee

Success!!!! Secure Arkansas just got word that HB 1450 was pulled down in committee this morning. Thank you, thank you!!! All our persistence paid off.

HB 1450 – Please Call Tonight

HB 1450 is coming up in the House Insurance and Commerce Committee at 9 am tomorrow. This is one of the most dangerous bills of this session. We are asking that you make three telephone calls and also email these three people.

Streamside Protection Ordinance

We need assistance in getting 5000 plus signatures by March 31 in order to get the Streamside Protection Ordinance on the ballot for the next Fayetteville election. We need hands on deck! Anyone who can help should contact Debbie Beckerdite via email [email protected] or call her at 479-601-5577 to pick up a packet.

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