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Critical Things We Need to Know about the Buffalo River Potentially Changing Designation…

As 2030 approaches on the calendar of time, we see there have been many cunning agendas, plans, and mandates set for all of humanity and the landscape upon which we live.  Today, we hope to give you a little peak of what the ungodly globalists have in store for us as time progresses… as they […]

UPDATE: Land Grab: Ozark Run Scenic Byway Meeting Info and a Letter to the Editor

Ozark Property Owners — Your Land is in Jeopardy! Dear readers, High alert! Many of you are asking about the meeting locations, dates, and times in August and September 2022 for the areas affected in Missouri by this most recent attempted federal land and water grab A.K.A. Ozark Run Scenic Byway. You may find the meeting […]

ACTION ALERT: Land Grab! Ozark Run Scenic Byway

High Alert! Ozark Run Scenic Byway Attention residents in Missouri and Arkansas: Heads up! URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Biosphere — Blueway — Byway Here we go AGAIN. This is another Huge Land and Water Grab attempt in the Ozarks! Call it what they may, do not fall for this or approve it. The predatory Department of Interior […]

ACTION ALERT – FARMS in Danger in Arkansas

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance has scheduled a seven-city speaking tour Oct. 25-31 to inform the public about supposed threats to the Buffalo River from a factory hog-feeding operation on a tributary of the national river at Mount Judea.  The people running the meetings are environmentalists from out of state promoting propaganda about hogs.  All of the meetings have been covered except […]

Lonoke County Unanimously Passes White River National Blueway Resolution of Opposition

Lonoke county unanimously passed the White River Watershed National Blueway Resolution of Opposition tonight! This brings us one step closer to defeating the Blueway, but there is still much to be done. If you would like to volunteer to present the Resolution in your county click here.

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