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Is the COVID-19 “Vaccine” Shedding?

Are you aware that the general public is still in stage 3 experimental trials for the COVID-19 shot until 2023? All of this manipulation and a big propaganda vaccine campaign is being played out on the world stage to control the masses. In this article: People who received the COVID-19 shot are shedding (transferring) adverse […]

Dr. José Romero, COVID Lies, and the CDC

When someone lies to you or misleads you, do you feel you can trust them? What if this person holds a leadership position over a large state organization with the ability to negatively affect people’s health, merely by denying what could save their lives? What if people died because of it? This has already happened […]

The COVID-19 Injection – A Trojan Horse – Part 2

Once again, we are writing to alert you about the experimental COVID-19 technology injections and this harmful, manipulative reset of society. mRNA injections of this type have NEVER been used on humans before. COVID-19 vaccine trials cannot tell us if they will save lives. by Peter Doshi, Associate Editor at the British Medical Journal (BMJ), 21 October […]

The COVID-19 Injection — A Trojan Horse

The COVID-19 Injection is A Clear and Present DangerA Trojan Horse We understand that many people are looking into the COVID-19 injections and are still seeking answers. Please know that we understand your concern for yourselves and your families and friends, and at the same time, we feel led to share this truth with you, […]

Covid-19 RNA Vaccines & Risk of Prion Disease

Emergency Alert – Depopulation Agenda Going on Now! Legislators, take the time to read this link below, please.  Covid-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease — a research article by J. Bart Classen, MD in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, ISSN 2639-9458.Click here for the home page that this article came from. From the Abstract in the […]

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