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U.S. Constitution on the Verge of Extinction

U.S. Constitution on the verge of Extinction due to radical groups’ involvement with Article V Con-Con U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights Secure Arkansas Opposes the Convention of States (COS) Movement! Our support of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights must stand firm! Our Constitution MUST NOT be revised, or it fundamentally changes our country […]

Follow the Money and Collusion about Vaccines! Part 1

Big Pharma, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and your ALEC Legislators ARE NOT Your Friends We have the right to choose what goes into our bodies! Stand up for no forced vaccinations in America! Notice to Arkansas legislators: No […]

Senator Missy Irvin and Her Questionable Campaign Donations

We want to bring your attention to this woman, Senator Missy Irvin, and her outlandish legislative activity to the forefront. Let’s look at her past chilling record. Her unconstitutional decisions speak for themselves. Do NOT let her influence your vote! Senator Irvin signed a loyalty oath to support the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) interests […]

Part 1: Who is Randy Zook? Exposing The Deep State!

James Randolph (Randy) Zookfrom Melborne, Arkansas President and CEOArkansas State Chamber of Commerceand Associated Industries of Arkansas The Deep State Exposed! Follow the money! Randy Zook is a big millionaire player and registered lobbyist in Arkansas politics! (He’s listed under Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce/ Associated Industries of Arkansas on page 9 of the Arkansas Secretary of State […]

Pedophile Priests in Arkansas

Pedophile Priests? The Diocese of Little Rock has provided a partial list of names of clergy “who served at some point in the state and against whom it said there are ‘credible allegations’ of sexual abuse of a minor”. The list is shown below.   Finally, we are seeing some names in Little Rock! The names of […]

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