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Ark. Ballot Issue 4 Jeopardizes Gun Rights!

Vote “No” on Ballot Issue 4! Warning! Arkansas Ballot Issue 4 attempts to endanger your gun rights, if this deceptive ballot measure were to pass in our state, so be aware of the circumstances that could follow. Here are details you may not know. Open Letter – Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes  – from ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms […]

Dustin McDaniel Approves Language for Ballot Initiative

In October, 2009, State Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel, approved the language for a constitutional ballot initiative to prevent illegal aliens over the age of 14 from receiving public funds such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other public assistance. To get this constitutional amendment on the 2010 ballot, Secure Arkansas must collect 77,468 signatures.  If you would like […]

Please sign the ipetition!

Please sign our online petition to Governor Beebe and Arkansas legislators at this link: Remember to send your family and friends to that link, also. Thanks!

2 weeks left!

We have 2 weeks left to gather signatures. Canvassing is going great, but we’re still a little bit shy of our goal. There is NO margin of error. Every signature is important! Be sure that the signers’ printed information is legible! (name, birthdate, address) If we don’t get all the signatures we need, it’ll be […]

We’re still here, and we’re not going away!

Here is a letter from Jeannie Burlsworth, Secure Arkansas Chair, regarding the events of July 7, 2008: Dear Secure Arkansas Volunteers and Friends, We’re still working for you! Secure Arkansas is NOT going away. We didn’t get our required number of 61,974 signatures or the 30-day extension, but we’re forming a NONPARTISAN POLITICAL FORCE because […]

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