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NWO Leaders Attend Occult Ritual in Switzerland; European Stocks Fall

The world's longest and deepest rail tunnel has officially opened in Switzerland, after almost two decades of construction work. BE SURE TO WATCH this shortened version of the Swiss Tunnel Opening Ceremony video, and pay close attention to the choreography and symbolism. IT’S SHOCKING!  Click here to read what the BBC says about the weird […]

Jonesboro Did It! Repealed the Property Maintenance Code 105-2!

Congratulations, Jonesboro!  You defeated that nasty U.N. Agenda 21 International Property Maintenance Code 105-2!  The repeal passed! 4,891 residents voted FOR the Repeal and 2,521 voted Against the Repeal of the code. All the hard work has paid off!   However, Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin needs to be replaced just as soon as possible. Jonesboro […]

URGENT ACTION ALERT: SB757 – The Taking of Private Property

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! ** SB757  will be voted on tomorrow (Tues, March 17, 2015) at 1:30 p.m. on the Senate Floor ** VOTE NO on SB757   Private Property Owners – Please Take Notice! SB757 – The Taking of Private Property, Sustainable Development, and the elimination of private property. The title:  “TO RESTRICT THE ABILITY […]

VOTE NO on SB229 – Bill is Unconstitutional – Heads Arkansas into a Police State

Several Arkansas senators have introduced an unconstitutional bill, SB229, to be heard today (2/25/2015) this morning in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The title of the bill is: “AN ACT TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES GRANTED UNDER THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE ARKANSAS CONSTITUTION; TO DECLARE AMERICAN LAWS FOR AMERICAN COURTS; AND FOR OTHER […]

A Lethal Ordinance Proposed by the Association of Arkansas Counties

Have our local officials lost control of our counties? According to the Arkansas Constitution, Article 7, Section 28 & 30, county officials have the responsibility to exercise distinct and individual authority of “exclusive original jurisdiction” in all matters pertaining to local concerns. The proposed ordinance from the Association of Arkansas Counties (AAC): ‘AN ORDINANCE ENACTING […]

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