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Elect John Thurston Sec. of State; Arkansas’ Clear Choice!

Incumbent Republican John Thurston is running for re-election as Arkansas Secretary of State this year against RINO Eddie Joe Williams. Which one will you choose? Our clear choice is the current Secretary of State John Thurston because Mr. Eddie Joe Williams has caused us to be greatly concerned over the years. Why? Keep reading. Let’s talk […]

Arkansas’ Primary Election May 24, 2022

Early Voting Starts Monday, May 9 at 8:00 am Secure Arkansas has bullet-pointed a list of candidates. Those we feel that are not RINOs based on our research are designated by the term “Best choice” below… but for those who are questionable, we have included a negative comment and our reasoning next to their name. You may […]

EXTREME HIGH ALERT! Secret Amendments: WHO Takes Control of All Global Healthcare Part 2

The United Nations has a bad case of Covid-19 corruption Your healthcare as it’s known today is in jeopardy… and the U.N. World Health Organization is attempting to take it over! The United Nations is doing their dirty work with so-called pandemic mitigation Are you aware that the venomous World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed […]

Exposing the Deep State and RegionSmart Development

RegionSmart Development will be covered by layers of shadow government of which you might not be aware. We are dealing with an insidious land grab, an eminent domain dark entity that seeks to concentrate power into the hands of the globalists who are working with the United Nations to consolidate everything across the planet and […]

4/29/2022 Election Integrity Townhall & Fundraiser for Conrad Reynolds

Conrad Reynolds is holding an Election Integrity Town Hall on Friday, April 29, 2022 from 6:30 – 7:45 pm in Little Rock. This Town Hall is also a fundraiser. Tickets are $50 for the Town Hall or $100 to meet and greet with Mark Finchem, State Rep. from Arizona who is endorsed by President Trump in his run for […]