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Arkansas Cemetery in Danger from National Park Service!

HIGH ALERT for the 3rd Congressional District In Arkansas!  Breaking news story! Shaddox Cemetery located in Newton County Arkansas (near Harrison) has just had something very tragic happen to their still active cemetery. The Shaddox Cemetery Association (SCA) erected a fence over seven years ago in order to protect the grave sites from elk damage. […]

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Court Update: For Two Arkansas Regional Water Distrists

Court Update regarding Madison County Regional Water District And Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority Act 197 of 2011 is being challenged in court by two Regional Water Authorities in Arkansas! Never in the history of water fluoridation has a legal action been filed for such a unique situation! In the near future, both Madison County […]

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Fluoride Issue Going to Court

We are sending out a quick update on the menacing battle of the mandatory State water fluoridation issue (ACT 197 of 2011). Yes, there still is a battle raging for freedom of choice which includes medical ethics violations in the Natural State. This issue is going to court and will be filed or has already been filed in […]

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