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Repeal The Jonesboro Property Code!

Immediate Action Required: This is an urgent appeal from Secure Arkansas on behalf of the group Repeal Property Code 105-2. We are asking for you to contact this group to help gather the signatures needed to repeal the dangerous property code in Jonesboro, Arkansas! Unless 2,432 signatures are collected before February 10, 2016, the residents […]

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Claims About Lead and Drinking Water are Distorted by Agencies

Once again, it appears that the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) CANNOT BE TRUSTED, especially when they distort the truth. Secure Arkansas received an email from Nate Smith, Director and State Health Officer for ADH, in reply to one […]

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Fluoridation is Illegal - Fluoridation Level Should be Zero

James Robert Deal is an attorney in Lynnwood, Washington, and his practice focuses on mortgage modification and foreclosure defense.  See this website for more information:  www.Mortgage-Modification-Attorney.com. However, James is also an environmental attorney and has taken up the fight against adding toxic waste dental chemicals to drinking water.  Click here for his Fluoride site. The […]

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Jonesboro Did It! Repealed the Property Maintenance Code 105-2!

Congratulations, Jonesboro!  You defeated that nasty U.N. Agenda 21 International Property Maintenance Code 105-2!  The repeal passed! 4,891 residents voted FOR the Repeal and 2,521 voted Against the Repeal of the code. All the hard work has paid off!   However, Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin needs to be replaced just as soon as possible. Jonesboro […]

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