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Please Submit Your Comments to this FDA Petition Concerning Fluoride

Secure Arkansas wants to call your attention to this Citizen Petition regarding fluoride which was submitted to the FDA by an attorney in Olympia, Washington.  Please read the information below and act quickly!   The Comment Period will close around August 27, 2015 and the FDA should respond to the Petition about four months from now. […]

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Delta Dental Exposed - Follow the Money - Part 1

Delta Dental often comes to mind when dental plans are mentioned… but how much do we REALLY know about this organization and what they’re doing… besides paying dental claims?  Well, just follow the money! This past Monday, Nov. 2, 2015, Secure Arkansas attended an Administrative Hearing conducted in Little Rock by the Arkansas Department of […]

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URGENT ACTION ALERT: SB757 - The Taking of Private Property

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! ** SB757  will be voted on tomorrow (Tues, March 17, 2015) at 1:30 p.m. on the Senate Floor ** VOTE NO on SB757   Private Property Owners – Please Take Notice! SB757 – The Taking of Private Property, Sustainable Development, and the elimination of private property. The title:  “TO RESTRICT THE ABILITY […]

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Fluoride Battle Brewing Between OMRPWA (water district) & ADH

Fluoride battle brewing between Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority (OMRPWA)  and the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) ============= Note to all water operators =================== No one – including the  Arkansas Department of Health – can force any water operator into signing a legal contract with which they don’t agree. Check with any attorney if […]

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