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US Mandates Bikeways – Highway Bond Debt Issue

US Department of Transportation Secretary has the authority to withhold approval for projects that would negatively impact pedestrians and bicyclists and recommends “considering walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes.” USDOT further says, “Transportation agencies should find ways to make facility improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists during resurfacing and other maintenance projects. (This is called sustainable or green transportation.)

More Damning Sustainable Development Documents

They actually think that we cannot connect the dots!

Take a look here:

That link was found under International Resources on this site.

Advance Transportation Document you should know about…

“Transportation Excellence for the 21st Century (TEX-21) is a non-profit multi-state transportation organization comprised of city and county officials, both elected and appointed, with private interests dedicated to fostering opportunities for enhanced transportation in Texas, Arkansas and beyond.”

ALERT – Highway Bond Vote Tuesday November 8th

Garvee bond ratings are at risk from the increasingly unpredictable budget and policy process in Washington, Standard & Poor’s warned in a report released Friday. The agency said it retained a stable outlook on all of the Garvees it rates, but in its report it said, “We believe there are several potential risks that if realized alone or in combination, might cause us to reevaluate the ratings on some or all of our Garvee bonds.”

Representative Meeks’ Support

Representative David Meeks supports our position on the recent highway bond issue.

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