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Exposing the Convention of the States (COS) as an Article V Constitutional Convention

The Convention of the States (COS) is an Article V Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) supported and funded by the elitists.     The Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con, that’s being sold to the legislators is a lie and has to be stopped.  At least three White House advisers and officials, including President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, have ties […]


The federal Constitution Convention (Con-Con) issue is heating up again.  Remember:  if/when 34 states pass a resolution requesting a Con-Con, we can all kiss America (as we know it) good-bye.  At present, about 26 states have a pending resolution requesting a Con-Con.  The elitists from both parties along with George Soros are pushing for a Con-Con.  This is a very dangerous […]

A REMEDY… OR A TRAP? Don’t Adopt the AAC Resolution!

IS the Arkansas Association of Counties’ (AAC) proposed resolution to “support the creation of critical habitat…” for muckets and mussels, etc. a remedy… or a trap that will lock Arkansas into an unwarranted and unnecessary federal process pertaining to the protection of endangered species?   Before our officials adopt a resolution of support for a questionably-arrived-at legal settlement (even […]