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Locking Ark. Counties into a Federal Process…

We are resending this article (originally sent on Dec. 2, 2013) because the Association of Arkansas Counties (AAC) is still trying to get their resolution passed in counties across the state (to support the creation of critical habitats for muckets and mussels…) and is a trap into a federal process that could endanger our local natural resources.  In our estimation, […]

Help Oppose Watershed Stewardship a.k.a. REGIONALISM

“WATERSHED STEWARDSHIP” is about WATERSHED GOVERNANCE which is a subtle transition into REGIONALISM.   REGIONALISM is a cornerstone of U.N. AGENDA 21.    REGIONALISM, when fully entrenched, means the demise of county and state government boundaries by the combining of and decreasing of offices of elected constitutional officers such as constables, conservation district boards, justices […]

MOU between The Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Click here to view this new Memorandum of Understanding.

Federal Blueway program ends

Original Article Here   By BILL DRAPER Associated Press January 03, 2014 4:16 PM KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A U.S. Interior Department program intended to recognize conservation efforts along the nation’s waterways was dissolved on Friday amid opposition from landowners and politicians who feared it would lead to increased regulations and possible land seizures. The […]

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