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Senator Hester’s Unconstitutional Support of Tort Reform

A friend of Secure Arkansas wrote this well-constructed article and we thought we would pass it on to our reading audience. Senator Hester (Cave Springs) claims to be conservative, but is he? ——————————————— Senator Hester has become an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. He claims to be “pro-life”, but that is only for the unborn; […]

Federal Offenses Against Arkansas Cemetery (including Timeline)

This alert is a continuation of previous articles regarding the federal offenses committed by the Buffalo River National Park Service against the Shaddox Cemetery in Newton County Arkansas. If you haven’t read about this until now, here are links to past articles: Arkansas Cemetery in Danger from National Park Service! UPDATE! Ark. Cemetery Board Responds […]

Court Update: For Two Arkansas Regional Water Distrists

Court Update regarding Madison County Regional Water District And Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority Act 197 of 2011 is being challenged in court by two Regional Water Authorities in Arkansas! Never in the history of water fluoridation has a legal action been filed for such a unique situation! In the near future, both Madison County […]

Arkansas Cemetery – County Court Requesting Congressional Assistance

Local Residents and The Newton County Quorum Court are Requesting Congressional Assistance with Cemetery Boundary Markers More breaking news regarding Arkansas property rights! Monday night, October 3rd, 2016, the Newton County Quorum Court unanimously passed the following resolution for the Shaddox Cemetery located near the beautiful Buffalo River in North Central Arkansas. Click here for the PDF version of the […]