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Jonesboro Did It! Repealed the Property Maintenance Code 105-2!

Congratulations, Jonesboro!  You defeated that nasty U.N. Agenda 21 International Property Maintenance Code 105-2!  The repeal passed! 4,891 residents voted FOR the Repeal and 2,521 voted Against the Repeal of the code. All the hard work has paid off!   However, Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin needs to be replaced just as soon as possible. Jonesboro […]

URGENT ALERT: Vote to REPEAL the Jonesboro Property Code on May 10, 2016

HEADS UP!  URGENT ALERT FOR JONESBORO RESIDENTS and those of you who have family, friends, and acquaintances in Jonesboro: Jonesboro residents may vote early starting May 3, 2016 — the actual election day is May 10, 2016 — and it’s VERY important that you vote FOR the REPEAL of the Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code 105-2. […]