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Sustainable Development – Written by a Patriot

Agenda 21’s anchor baby is “Sustainable Development”. Sustainable Development is to “harmonize” U.S. environmental policy with U.N. directives as outlined in “Agenda 21”, compliments of Geo. H. W. Bush. Arkansas’ local Agenda 21 planning guide was published by ICLEI. As you may recall, No. Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hayes has been the national president of ICLEI. (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives…already in 70 different countries)

Come One, Come All! Get Your Free Grants Here!

State Representative Lori Benedict of Sturkie hosted a Rural Development and Grant Seminar at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Salem on October 11, 2011. The purpose sounded benign: a spaghetti dinner was provided to attendees; the county judge and sheriff were on board to answer questions about an upcoming election initiative concerning a new jail; and proposed help for the local fire departments was to be discussed.