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Call House Speaker John Boehner

Please contact House Speaker John Boehner. Tell him the people of Arkansas ask that he stand firm on our fiscally conservative principles.

In past legislative sessions, bills have been offered that would have served to protect all Oklahoma citizens from the unwarranted collection and sharing of their personal and biometric information – but that legislation was not permitted to be heard even in committee.

Urgent Request

Secure Arkansas has a need for donation of sky miles or a round-trip ticket from California. If you have any to contribute, please notify us at

Minority Redistricting & Voting Rights Act

Last week we sent out a copy of a letter from Republican Charlie Collins of Fayetteville to the Board of Apportionment that began with this sentence: “We are writing to express our support for creating a Hispanic majority House district in Northwest Arkansas.”

First US – China Governors’ Forum

There is an ominous item on the calendar this coming weekend. It looks like Arkansas Governor Beebe will be attending the Annual Meeting of the National Governors Association (NGA) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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