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ACTION ALERT – FARMS in Danger in Arkansas

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance has scheduled a seven-city speaking tour Oct. 25-31 to inform the public about supposed threats to the Buffalo River from a factory hog-feeding operation on a tributary of the national river at Mount Judea.  The people running the meetings are environmentalists from out of state promoting propaganda about hogs.  All of the meetings have been covered except […]

Gov’t Shutdown: What’s it REALLY about?

We’ve all heard about the recent government shutdown.  Don’t you find it interesting that they’ve started with the national parks?   Could the closures be part of a U.N. Agenda 21 project to remove all human footprints on federal land?   We’re all very curious about what’s going on in our country right now.   What suspicious […]

Foraging for Wild Food (powerpoint presentation)

Click here to download the presentation Presentation By Jack Abrahamson

Update on Nebraska Press Release – Boyd County Passes Resolution Opposing Federal Land Grab

Important Information! Signed Nebraska Resolution Of Opposition