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Arkansas Ballot Issue 1 (SJR7) = Power Grab

Ballot Issue 1 (a.k.a. SJR 7) – A Legislative Power Grab If you are still questioning how to vote on Ballot Issue 1, read the information below.  (We introduced our stand on all 5 Issues in this article.  We believe that Ballot Issue 1 could be dangerous if passed.)  As of today, October 22, 2014, there […]

Vote NO On All 5 Arkansas Ballot Issues

Secure Arkansas recommends an AGAINST vote on all 5 ballot issues that will be on the November 4, 2014 ballot.  EARLY VOTING starts Monday, October 20, 2014, so make sure you read the information below BEFORE you head to the ballot box! The valid votes for these five ballot issues are either FOR or AGAINST. […]

A Lethal Ordinance Proposed by the Association of Arkansas Counties

Have our local officials lost control of our counties? According to the Arkansas Constitution, Article 7, Section 28 & 30, county officials have the responsibility to exercise distinct and individual authority of “exclusive original jurisdiction” in all matters pertaining to local concerns. The proposed ordinance from the Association of Arkansas Counties (AAC): ‘AN ORDINANCE ENACTING […]

Patrick Hays – Do NOT Send Him To Washington! Part 1

In this email, we’ll be concentrating on global actors and even U.S. mayors, and why these people, especially Patrick Henry Hays, should NOT be elected into office.  In order to explain our reasoning, we need to remind you about global policies that have restructured our government.  If you’re Communist-minded, you’ll love these policies.  If not, […]