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Fluoride Update for Eureka Springs and Craighead County

Eureka Springs passed a resolution on Monday, January 26, 2015 that asks the Arkansas Health Department officials to certify that any additives which are added to the city’s water supply, including fluoride, are safe and lead-free.  From EPA’s own data, they state: “There is no safe level of exposure for lead”.  The MCLG for lead […]

Let’s Put a Stop to the Toxic Fluoridation of Arkansas’ Water Supplies!

The purpose of this article is to put the Arkansas legislature on notice and inform the people of Arkansas of the potential harm from the fluoridation of the public water supplies due to the passage of ACT 197 which puts fluoridation under state control. The following quote is by Charles Gordon Heyd, M.D., American Surgeon […]

Conn. Proposes to Repeal Fluoride

As you’re aware, Secure Arkansas has been busy recently keeping you informed about the dangers of poisonous fluoride in our water and what we need to do about it. Senator Bye of Connecticut has proposed a bill to eliminate the mandate to put fluoride in their public water supplies. Read the bill here. Senators and […]

Legislative Fluoride ALERT

The Arkansas 90th General Assembly is attempting to reintroduce the legislation language of  Bruce Westerman’s bill, HB 1312, introduced in 2013 during the 89th General Assembly. The language of that bill is shown directly below between the extended dashes. Remember, the devil is in the details. You must read the complete bill to know what […]

Is Safe Drinking Water Really a Priority With Government Agencies?

Truly-safe drinking water has never really been a priority when it comes to government agencies. Safe, clean drinking water is extremely important to the residents of Arkansas, and that is why Secure Arkansas supports water additive accountability legislation NOW! We would like to share with you an example of an important petition that was filed […]

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