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ADH Quarterly Meeting July 23, 2015

The fluoridation crisis still continues here in Arkansas, but as more and more people become aware of the dangers of fluoride and that it has carcinogenic potential, we believe something can be done to stop the harm to our public drinking water supplies and our environment! We think you’ll want to read this article entitled […]

Lawmakers Make Last-minute Push Against Fluoride

We wanted to share an article with you from this online newspaper.  After you read it, note the comments that follow. – – – – – Lawmakers make last-minute push against fluoride Wednesday, July 15, 2015 By Alana Cook, [email protected] State Rep. Bob Ballinger and State Sen. Bryan King are not giving up their fight […]

WARNING to Carroll Boone Water District Board and ALL of Arkansas

The above is the warning that comes with the fluoride product. This is also the same product that the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) says is “safe”. Are you going to believe the ADH, or are you going to believe the warning that comes on the fluoride product packaging? ADH must do their own research […]

URGENT Appeal for Funds

Secure Arkansas is in desperate need for funds.  If you can contribute, please do so QUICKLY.  This will greatly help us to keep everyone informed on important issues and educated about how to respond, as we’ve done since 2008. We have been fighting some serious battles lately against water fluoridation.  (We post our articles on our […]

Follow The Money: Who Profits From Fluoridation? And Who Pays?

More on follow the money Environmental Injustice – The Economics of Water Fluoridation: A Snapshot –  by J. William Hirzy       Outline In 2011, the phosphate industry in the U.S. reported sales of hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) for water fluoridation of 65,900 tons of 100% assay acid. Let us assume this volume of HFSA is sold […]

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