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The REAL Purpose of the ESA

After a close reading of the final rule in the Federal Register (Vol. 76, No. 194/Thursday, October 6, 2011/Rules and Regulations) in regard to the Ozark Hellbender Salamander, definitive causes of the decline in population of this species is due to four major factors:

SB247: To Make Corrections To Title 5 Of The Arkansas Code, 1987

SB 247 is another attempt by our government to attach amendments to a bill and get it passed without our knowledge. Sections 12 and 13 of this bill have to do with animal cruelty and not with other crimes.

SB247: The Arkansas Code of 1987 Concerning Criminal Offense

In an attempt to make an already badly flawed law, even worse, we strongly recommend that you contact your Arkansas State Representative to tell them to watch SB 247 and delete Sections 12 & 13 from that bill.

Arkansas Federation of Animal Owners (ARKFED)

Arkansas Federation of Animal Owners (ARKFED) is a coalition of individuals and organizations, whose members own, raise, enjoy, produce, and sell animals and animal products. We believe in and support the proper care and humane treatment of all animals, but we also believe that the Animal Rights movement is a misguided attempt to deprive American citizens of their basic Constitutional rights to property ownership.

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