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SJR1 by Senator Rapert will lead to a Con-Con

Barry Goldwater said: “[I am] totally opposed [to a Constitutional Convention]…We may wind up with a Constitution so far different from that we have lived under for two hundred years that the Republic might not be able to continue.”

When is toxic waste good enough to drink?

In a 2003-2004 report, the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, affiliated with the University of Florida, which is an independent state research agency for science and engineering for Florida’s environment and economy, gives a historyof fluorides, acids, heavy metals, and radionuclide contaminants.

Mountain Home Bridges Conference is UN Agenda 21

This UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development conference purports to prepare the community on how to deal with low-income people. They claim North Central Arkansas ACCESS (Arkansas Communities Connecting Effective Services for Success) can move the region’s low-income families out of poverty and improve the region.

Last Workshop of the Corps

The Corps of Engineers’ goal is sustainable development/U.N. Agenda 21/wetlands. They claim they don’t want to leave any eco footprint on the land.

Carroll Boone Water District Operator Takes Up Fluoride Mandate Fight

“Hot Springs is known worldwide for its water, and Eureka Springs also has a history of being renowned for the healing quality of its water,” Harvey said. “People may be less likely to come visit if they know that our water could be contaminated with a known accumulative toxic poison. We live in an era of a lot of health-conscious people that want to avoid poisonous chemicals in our food and water.”

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